About Us


Truth News is a portal owned by True Soul Media PLT (The Iskandarian) and located at www.cj-truthnews.com and other urls, mobile apps, iframes, widgets and digital applications that may show the same display and/or the same content as Truth News, collectively defined as the Truth News platform.

The portal serves as the publishing platform for members of Truth News and for other news content, opinions, notices and advertising in line with the vision of Truth News:


Truth News is a platform for citizens to participate in the news gathering process, by producing and developing content whilst adhering to the highest standard of journalism, pertaining to issues on positive changes in the local community, freedom of speech, social justice and democracy in Malaysia.

  • Ensure that every citizen journalist trained by Truth News takes ownership of the vision statement
  • Encourage citizen journalists to highlight local community issues and stories often ignored by mainstream media, thereby providing a voice to the voiceless
  • Continuously train its citizen journalists on good  journalism works by adhering to the highest standards of ethics to maintain the credibility of citizen journalists
  • Adopt new technology online and offline to promote fast, efficient and credible reporting
  • Develop strategies to ensure the sustainability of Truth News